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I've been with Prequent Hosting since June of 2017. I have to say it's been a great journey having them to be my full time hosting provider. It seemed like I just signed up last month. From my personal experience with Prequent Hosting and the staff, I can say that they're one of the BEST, RELIABLE, and SUPPORTIVE hosting providers you can find. I've had issue with things I couldn't fix, so I either submitted a ticket or open a chat with them, and they are very responsive and caring with their clients. When I mean responsive, I mean that when I was to submit a support ticket, the longest it took for one of their staff members to respond was 30 minutes to an hour. Not to mention that their services are very cheap, and you get a bang for your buck.

- Mego M. on Nov 02, 2018

I have been using Prequent Hosting for over two years now and they are beyond amazing when it comes to a hosting service. They provide very affordable hosting packages, with an intuitive, clean interface and amazing speeds. Very rarely is there any downtime, and the two times there ever was, I was promptly emailed about the issue and compensated for the time that the service was down. After trying out many hosting companies, Prequent Hosting is one that I have recommended to my friends countless times, and a company that I will gladly stay with in the foreseeable future.

- Tyler S. on Sep 04, 2018

I worked with another hosting company for many years and due to a series of problems I decided to change. After finding out I tried Prequent Hosting and it must be one of the best decisions I have made for my business. I've been with them for a year and I can not say more than good things about the company, the support is incredible and the values are very convenient. VERY GOOD SERVICE!

- Elias Rabah on Jul 24, 2018

Really awesome people, very good technically sound support team. They answered & solved my every question & ticket within desired time. I have ask several questions to them all the time, they answered all of query withing min. I found them always live in live chat. Very very good pricing the offer, and I never found any downtime. Their server never get overloaded, weekly backup is a plus. I think 100/100 support, server performance & best pricing will make them best hosting provider in coming days. Best of luck Prequent Hosting & keep it for us.

- Humayon Pavel on Jan 10, 2018

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